Oswald Green Technologies, Inc.

Sustainable Solutions with Wastewater

Municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastewater can be treated with Energy Ponds™.

  • Energy Pond at Delhi and Hilmar

    Energy Ponds™

    The patented OGT Energy Ponds™ not only clean water more efficiently, but capture the hidden resources in wastewater, producing clean water, algae, and methane-rich biogas.

  • Clean water

    Clean water

    OGT Energy Ponds™ efficiently clean wastewater at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems, producing clean water that meets the most stringent regulations.

  • Micro algae used to create biofuel in energy ponds

    Reclaimed Algae

    Algal biomass captured from our Energy Ponds™ can be sold and used as fertilizer, animal feed, or raw materials for fuels and plastics.

  • City bus powered by Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    OGT patented technology produces methane rich biogas that is scrubbed into commercial grade natural gas, providing a reliable energy supply and a valuable revenue stream that offsets the cost of operating. 

Paddle Wheel

Harnessing the power of nature, AIWPS® technology provides a sustainable alternative. Energy Ponds™ capture the hidden resources in the waste stream, producing commercially-valuable algae and natural gas.

Wastewater Treament Facility in Delhi, CA

Energy Ponds™ meets one of humanities most pressing problems: Providing true affordable clean water to a planet with dwindling resources. The efficiency and elegant simplicity of the AIWPS® technology can be employed anywhere.

Veolia Wastewater Treatment Plant

Conventional wastewater treatment systems are an ill-suited status quo. Conventional systems are costly, require excessive energy, chemicals, and produce environmentally hazardous, partially treated sludge that must be landfilled.