Oswald Green Technologies, Inc.

Sustainable Solutions with Wastewater


Over 50 years ago, Dr. William Oswald unlocked the secret of sustainable wastewater treatment. He combined natural processes, solar energy, and algae to produce the first generation of Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond Systems (AIWPS® or ENERGY PONDS™).

Dr. Oswald combined his expertise in engineering and microbiology to replicate the way that nature cleans waste. He developed a pond-based technology that combines anaerobic bacteria with algae to produce a more effective way to treat wastewater. Dr. Oswald also understood that waste streams contain certain valuable resources. By harnessing algae, Dr. Oswald created a C-Shift in waste treatment.

Conventional systems produce malodorous and commercially useless sludge that must be buried in landfills at great cost. The AIWPS® produces noninfectious natural algae, the most efficient oxidative plant on earth, which has a variety of commercial advantages, and does not have to be buried as environmental hazard.

For the past three decades, Dr. F. Bailey Green worked with Dr. Oswald to perfect the 5th generation of AIWPS® known as Energy Ponds™. This advancement greatly improved treatment efficiency and importantly, captures the methane-rich by-product of primary bacterial treatment and converts it into commercial grade natural gas. Algal harvesting has been greatly improved.