Oswald Green Technologies, Inc.

Sustainable Solutions with Wastewater

Bailey Green, Ph.D.

CTO, Chief Technology Officer
(336) 893-7552

Dr. Bailey Green, Ph.D. is the Chief Technology Officer of Oswald Green Technology, Inc. Dr. Green co-invented a method and apparatus to optimize primary sedimentation and methane fermentation in primary wastewater treatment ponds. Dr. Green also co-invented a method to reclaim water from sewage by removing salt.  Dr. Green earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California Berkeley where he conducted water energy, sanitation and environmental health research including potable water treatment; algal-bacterial wastewater treatment; advanced water reclamation; anaerobic digestion of organic wastes with biogas recovery; algae biofixation of CO2; algae biomass production, harvesting, and drying; algae biofuels; bioremediation of selenium and other water contaminants. Dr. Green has worked in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Since 1994, Dr. Green has collaborated with the Sankat Mochan Foundation based in Varanasi, India to provide sustainable sanitation technology and public health engineering services for the City of Varanasi. Dr. Green has designed Energy Ponds® for wastewater treatment and algae biofuel plants in California, USA, Australia, Bolivia, India, and South Africa.

Dr. Green is also a Research Professor in the Department of Biology and a Senior Research Fellow in the Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability (CEES) at Wake Forest University.