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Sustainable Solutions with Wastewater


Hilmar AIWPS WWTF Aerial photo Hilmar AIWPS WWTF Aerial

Complete Natural Treatment

The AIWPS® technology utilizes a series of ponds, powered by solar energy, each with a specific purpose.

Primary Digestion
The first, or primary pond, provides a unique combination of depth and specifically placed "digestors" that utilize passive gravity flow. The primary pond provides the optimal conditions for anaerobic treatment. The process removes all infectious products, heavy metals and parasitic ova. Methane gas is released and travels through the water column where it is collected beneath the surface, scrubbed, and converted into commercial grade natural gas. Primary digestion is so efficient that there is NO residual sludge.

Photosynthetic Oxygenation
The partially treated waste is next transferred to a series of high rate ponds. Secondary treatment occurs when algae are grown in the water column. The water is continually mixed by a paddle wheel to ensure optimal growth and digestion. In fact, the 3 horsepower paddle wheel is the only moving parts of our Energy Pond™ System!

Two remaining ponds, for maturation and algae settling, seperate the algae from the treated water.

Further treatment can be added also, depending on the desired end use of the water. The recycled water from an Energy Pond™ System has a variety of uses, including irrigation, aquifer, and indirect potable re-use.

Energy Ponds™ meet or exceed regulatory requirements, including those of California, the State with the most stringent requirements in the U.S.

AIWPS paddlewheel motor coupling and pillow block Hilmar AIWPS WWTF Overhead photo